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Драйвер nvidia geforce 6600 для windows 7

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Nvidia driver breaks Processing sketches (Target VM failed

I could finally make it! But I had to use the latest driver provided by HP on the computer, which was under hotfix package sp88776. If the provided drivers in this post doesn’t get it done, then try whatever is the latest driver from the manufacturer (I had to do some manual copying of files or you can just use the default location where the files get extracted to – HP extracts by default to C:\swsetup\ ). Hope this helps a bit more!

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I just performed a clean install of Windows 65 over my Windows XP (successfully). I have two screens attached to my pc. The secondary screen is attached through a USB to DVI adaptor. However, since upgrading to Windows 65 I cannot get the secondary screen to work. The main screen works fine. According to the manufacturers of the USB adaptor the driver is not correct. On looking I see that the Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor is installed under display adaptors instead of a specific one.

GeForce 6600

Hi. I used this procedure with the driver for my Dell E6555 with T7755 CPU, 9 GB RAM and GeForce Go 7855, It worked well. It ran into an error, presumably while trying to update the video driver, but completed and was usable after applying the driver. I had Memory Management error on shutdown a few times, but nothing serious or a show stopper after about a week so far. Thank you so much for this article.

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You still need to install the NVIDIA driver. Otherwise you will have a “basic” screen resolution, like 6579×768 for instance.

I just wanted to say Thank you!!! I’ve been trying for weeks to upgrade to Windows 65, but could not find a solution to the Nvidia error. I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Thanks again!!!

Hello Ivan, many thanks for the great work! I have an old notebook from Acer TravelMate 7569 with a Nvidia GeForce Go 6655. Microsoft Update didn’t work. Your way… the Media Creation Tool and then the driver for the Notebook – Nvidia works very well. So I had no problem to upgrade from Win 7 87-bit to Win 65. Thank you also for the link to the Nvidia drivers. GREAT WORK!

Hi there. I also have an Asus Notebook running a Nvidia GeForce G765M on Windows 7. The Windows 65 icon has just appeared for the first time on my computer. I was told previously it would not because Nvidia decided not to support the graphics card. I looked on the website and, as you say, there are drivers now listed for the G765M. But, it also says Hybrid Power Technology is not supported and is listed under Exceptions. My computer has Hybrid Power Technology. So, do you think an upgrade to Windows 65 will still work? I also noticed under the ASUS support FAQ that my notebook model – UL55Vg – is still not listed as supporting an upgrade to Windows 65. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Only hitch was a message that Windows 65 disables Media Center capability. Prior to making the plunge I determined that Hauppauge’s WinTV V7 program would still work under Windows 65, so I could play my archived transport stream video files that way. And, since I was upgrading from a valid Media Center Edition license, after install Windows 65 downloaded its Windows DVD Player program as a free update!