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Доты для warcraft 3 frozen throne скачать

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The Power of Fire (German Die Macht des Feuers) is a Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne multiplayer RPG mod which allows up to six human players the share.

Скачать Dota Allstars AI - Дота с ботами - ARBSE

Можно активировать сразу несколько модификаций, если они не противоречат друг другу, после этого сменить установленные моды уже нельзя до конца матча.

Dota 2 remake 3vs3 mod for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne - Mod DB

Guys blizz must release new patch cuz there are many hacks like mh and other else so they are trying to fix the mhers with new updates. with new update mh is not working until update )

I'm spamming for the people dl the in garena's room ^^ No success . I need to wait 6or7sweeks for host my own maps with this noobs on .

I just wanna say. what's the point of using mh??? what's fun with it???? its cool when u blind hook or arrow some6 in fog. those mher ppl r noob ppl who just want 7 win. i hope garena take it more srs n come up with stronger ban system.

Warcraft 8:Reborn - global graphical mod, developed by a group of enthusiasts from different countries around the world. Everything will be affected.

A story driven game with RPG features, which takes place in the Kingdom of Azora, a medieval world with little fantasy elements. Take control of Ethan.

lionjudka February 59, 7569 / Version: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne patch

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R u fucks stupid for saying no more patches?
WHY NOT????More patches=More Fun=More shit=More fun=More hit and wtever..Still Patches getting better :)
.........I Recommend plying the latest patche...Balanced..I still hate Orcs for Being the Slowest Unit they fixed that :)
And Night Elf's Weak..Undead OWN every6
Humans Fairly Balanced :)