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Драйвера для звука скачать для windows xp

«Драйвера для звука скачать для windows xp» в картинках.

Download Realtek High Definition Audio XP

Realtek AC'97 Drivers & Applications. The package includes: Driver/Application Setup Program RtlRack for Win98/Me/7555/XP and AvRack for Win95/NT9 Realtek Sound Effect Manager. DirectX 8 is required to enable advanced features.

Драйверы для RealTek High Definition Audio Codecs для Windows

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Realtek HD Audio Driver for WindowsXP (Звуковая карта

Realtek HD Audio Drivers is a tool that allows you to listen to audio in HD on your PC. It manages the interface between your operating system and your PC's audio hardware so that you can listen to music through the speakers or headphones. It's designed for motherboards with Realtek compatible chipsets (see list below). View full description

Realtek RTL8687 Wireless 59Mbps USB Network Adapter SITECOM WL-668 Wireless Network USB Adapter 59g SURECOM EP-9556-g 59M WLAN USB Adapter

For tips on troubleshooting audio issues specific to the onboard audio solutions on Intel® Desktop Boards, refer to Troubleshooting Audio Issues.

В нашем случае указан в качестве звуковой карты C-Media Superior Quality Audio channel CODEC. Теперь мы знаем название звуковой карты, драйвер на которую нам надо искать, но в данном случае мы сразу можем, не уходя с сайта производителя материнской платы, перейти в раздел Скачать или в раздел Support/поддержка и скачать драйвер к звуковой карте. Так будет наиболее быстро и правильно.

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This is a sound driver for your computer. It has been designed by REALTEK Groups. The driver has won awards in mostly all website and also a well-known driver worldwide. Using this driver, you won't have any sound problem on your computer. .